Staying ahead of the curve.

I felt vindicated when I read that the “cool kids” are abandoning social networking sites.  Really?  Not really.  I’m just useless enough at real life anyway without the flixter quiz to distract me.  Likewise with Twitter – does anyone really need ot know how often I put on the kettle for tea (twice today, so far)?  No.

Still, it’s nice to imagine for a second that I’m ahead of the cool curve, a bold explorer beyond the world of trend.  Just a second, then it’s back to rifling through Spotify.

Well, yeast never fell off a damn cliff now, did it?

Get well soon, Ali.  Hopefully an evening spent pressing frozen peas to your derriere has improved the situation.*

Speaking of yeast, I saw this article over at Wired about extracting yeast from amber and using it to make beer.  It quite appeals to me that such a disgusting amount of scientific endeavour went into producing it, although to be honest it kind of boggles the mind that a whole company was pitched off of the idea that prehistoric bacteria might have therapeutic value.  I suppose there have been worse pitches, but still…

*My brother fell off a climb last night, landed on his bum.


The web crawlers that regularly spam my hits counter seem to be going crazy for the month of August.  I’m not entirely sure if anyone’s actually visiting or not anymore – it’s just eternal hitspam from the one IP pushing everything off the board.

Well, at least I get spam comments to keep me company.  /sob.

Mum’s birthday this month, present has arrived already in good time so I’m sure she’ll be happy with that.  Also Lisa’s Dad’s birthday soon so SECRET PRESENT is on order and should arrive soon.  Next weekend we go off to Italy with Lisa’s parents for a holiday, to Lucca or somewhere thereabouts.  I’ve never been to Italy and I’ve always wanted to go so it should be a great deal of fun.  There may be some wine imbibed.

Fridge is still broken.  I’ve been yelling at the letting agency who are now telling me that they are having issues getting hold of the landlord to authorise the purchase of a new fridge/freezer.  While I’m well aware that people have survived their whole lives without fridges, and continue to, it’s really fucking annoying having to chase up a landlord over their contractual obligations.  If I was two weeks late on the rent, they’d be burning my arse about it so I don’t see why they are shying away from being reciprocally prompt.

The lesson?  we should have our own place, really.  But that’s a work in progress I won’t go into now.

Short story.

I was feeling kind of bad about not updating this site with any new writing, so I hammered out a little story this afternoon and stuck it up for shits and giggles.  It’s not going to win any awards for content or style, but it’s nice to just sit and batter a cheesy little story out.  I set myself a word count of around 2k, and managed to stay within 10% of the limit so that’s better than my usual epic fail where I end up cutting half of the stuff I’ve written for the sake of brevity.

Also I’ve never tried writing in the style of an interview (and it kind of shows) so I guess that’s an interesting aside.

You can find the story here for download as a .pdf file.

EDIT: on a side note, in the current larger work I’ve been doing, I use the description “Dupin in dumpling’s clothing”.  I’m enormously fond of it…and hence the bust of Poe in the download above.