The Hunter

'Heart-pounding' debut The Hunter to Headline

So, you are probably already aware that my debut novel, THE HUNTER has sold to Headline and will be released in July this year.

I just wanted to blog briefly to say a massive, MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has been liking and sharing and getting in touch to say congratulations. It’s been so weird moving away to Sweden and suddenly all the people that I used to see once or twice a year at conventions I now see…zero times a year.

Honestly, I am massively touched by how enthusiastic the response has been. The book news is great, but it’s all of you that have made my day. 

If I didn’t manage to get a personal response out to you through the day, my apologies. If I could have blown off classes to do it, I totally would have.

Thank you. 

Now let’s have some fun.

The official news release blurb is:

The book’s plot sees mixed martial arts champion Cameron King have her life upended when brother Nate deliberately crashes the car they’re both travelling in. When she regains consciousness, Nate has vanished without trace – leaving her with a ruined career, a reconstructed body and the burning question, why? Sucking Cameron into a nightmarish conspiracy, she must rely on her warrior training to battle her way to the truth.

But I thought it’d be fun to try and embellish that description through the power of GIFs.

First up, Cameron King. She’s a badass. How badass? Here’s a GIF of Rose Namajunas to give you a rough idea:

There’s punching!


There are explosions!




Car chases!


Guns! Firing bullets!


Excitement! Drama!


All of this, and hand-planed cherry door!

Needless to say, I am lit up about the book being picked up. I’m going to try my best not to be obnoxious about it, but I think it’s fair to say come summer you’re going to have a hard time shutting me up. 

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