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THE HUNTER, coming July 2018 from Headline.

THE HUNTER is a high-octane debut thriller that splices the pulse-racing action of James Swallow’s NOMAD with a lead as deadly as Gregg Hurwitz’s ORPHAN X.

In the ring, Cameron King is known as The Hunter. A celebrated champion. A warrior.

But when her brother, science genius Nate, deliberately crashes the car they’re in and vanishes without trace, Cameron is left with a career in ruins, a reconstructed body and one burning question: why?

18 months later, working to find bail-jumping fugitives, Cameron discovers a dead body – apparently killed with her gun. As a detective comes through the door, she receives a panicked call from her missing brother: ‘They’re coming, Cam. Get out.

Sucked into a lethal and sinister conspiracy hidden in the darkest shadows of power, Cameron is forced to fight her toughest, bloodiest battle yet – not only to survive, but to uncover the terrifying truth.

THE HUNTER is an explosive, page-turning debut with a blade-sharp new character who could trade blows with Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne.

Now that the news is out, it’s time for the hard sell.

Well. The medium rare sell.

You might not be sold on THE HUNTER just yet, and that’s okay. Release date is in July and we’ve got half a year to work on that. 

But, if you ARE sold on picking up a copy of THE HUNTER, please consider pre-ordering it. Pre-orders are pretty good for authors on the industry side – they count towards first day sales, provide a boost to initial order numbers – so…yeah. A pre-order would be doing me a solid.

You can pre-order from Amazon UK here

Alternatively, if you want to pre-order from Waterstones, here.

If you’re in Sweden and want a copy, Adlibris has you covered.

Or, if you just want to get in touch with your local bookshop or library to get a copy in stock for July, then that would be amazing.

Thanks a lot! 


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