Health Update, or “multiple doctor confusion extravaganza”

I had a follow up appointment with the hospital, which for some odd reason was scheduled with the diabetes clinic, in spite of the fact that I’m not diabetic.  The doctor who saw me was slightly confused on that point.

Still, he did his best, which included being further confused by my notes.  He showed me the discharge sheet from my stay in hospital where the doctor had noted that my CT scan was normal.  Then, he flicked to my CT scan notes, where they described noting a “sclerotic, bony lesion” at the top of one sinus.

Which meaning of sclerotic is that, I asked the doctor.  It seemed pertinent, as not only are the sinuses near the eyes (hence my concern vis it being sclera-related) but also “sclerotic, bony” struck me as something of a tautology.

It’s probably just benign, he replied.  Don’t worry about it.

He then went out to confer with a colleague (getting a bit tired of that happening) and came back to reassure me that it’s fine, nothing to worry about, and also he’ll refer me to neurology for a follow-up appointment.

The saga continues!

4 thoughts on “Health Update, or “multiple doctor confusion extravaganza””

  1. OK – welcome to the “What is hiding in his head?” sweepstake.

    Your options are:
    1. The ossified skull of a conjoined twin
    2. Marble (lost in youth)
    3. Egg sac for a spider
    4. Calcified bogey
    5. Alien mind control chip

    Top prize – £5
    Second prize – whatever it turns out to be pickled in a collectors edition sample bottle

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