I’m torn…

Do I hunker down and work on my chanbara-inspired story, my horrid-but-thoroughly-plotted fantasy epic, or throw my hands in the air, cry “fuck it all!” and go watch Highlander on the new tv?

If I focus on one story, I could have 3-4k to post here as a work-in-progress by the end of the week, but then Highlander has got such awesome dialogue in it!

“Hi! I’m Candy!”

“But of course you are…”

How can I resist it?  HOW, GOD DAMN IT?!

Update: the urge to write won through in the end, and I concluded Chapter 1 of the fantasy story, in which young Vicarion takes a knife to his sister, driven by his o’erweening ambition.

2 thoughts on “I’m torn…”

  1. I’ve been a bit AWOL due to having no home computer (Windows and I are not getting along), but ooooh, new Web site!

    There’s my profound comment before signing off for the day.

  2. @Layla

    Is it Vista? Vista comes pre-loaded with mistanthropy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is: we recently had to do a full reinstall of Lisa’s machine because it wouldn’t play nice.

    Hope it sorts itself out soon, though.

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