Going outside – a new adventure!

I left the flat today (shocking, I know) and took some pictures while wandering round the cricket grounds.

Images after the jump!

Some leaves! Bit of a busy picture but Lisa was adamant that I photo that tree at some point because it’s one of the few still possessing foliage.

A dog who wandered past. I didn’t ask permission of his owner before rattling off a shot, which is why it’s an action shot. I just nonchalantly wandered past, focussed and BAM! Picture!

An extreme crop of a much bigger picture I took, thinking it would be interesting but actually it kind of sucked.




Flower photography is EASY. Focus on flower, receive pretty picture.


Some yellow berries growing next to the car park.

So yeah, that’s the pick of about 24,25 pictures that I took and subsequently culled with a vicious wave of my mouse pointer.

Meanwhile, I’m on a diet. The doctor wants two 24-hour urine samples taken, and for the three days prior to (and the duration of) the test, I have to avoid coffee, chocolate, citrus fruit, tomatoes, and vanilla. My normal intake of coffee and chocolate has been interrupted completely and I am desperately unhappy as a result. Why can’t I have any vices? WHY?

One thought on “Going outside – a new adventure!”

  1. That’s not the picture I wanted! The one I wanted had other trees in it, with leafless trees juxtaposed with still-leafy tree!

    (also, I got to use the word juxtaposed, so bonus points to me, really).

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