Not my best day ever.

I noticed the PC was running a little slow; slow enough to really put me off typing anything because there was a distinct half-second of lag between keypress and changes on-screen. Suspecting the worst, I did a virus/spyware/etc scan and found the system to be clean, my protection up-to-date. I did a disk cleanup, defragged, installed all updates, restarted and…

Blue screen of death.

Pissers, thought I.

Today I spent the entire morning going through the motions of trying to rescue my boot cycle. Five hours later, I gave up, backed up all my writing and pictures to a USB stick and reinstalled Windows.

Stupid machine.

In other news I’m still waiting for my appointment with the renal consultant, which the GP was annoyed that I haven’t got yet. Also, we may have a house to move into! Joy!

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