At the movies.

So I was all charged up and ready to get back online with a massive rant about Avatar, but it seems the internet has already moved on, many of my usual haunts already having delivered up a panning over the lacklustre writing that was paired with such an impressive visual spectacle.

Still I couldn’t not mention it, especially as I sat and watched Last of the Mohicans the other night while reinstalling Windows, and even though that’s only half a movie (it is – it gets to the climax and you go was that it?) it’s still miles better from a writing perspective than Avatar is. Michael Mann’s obsession with synth soundtracks doesn’t really help him out, though – I sat watching the Huron war party to see if I could spot the guy carrying a Casio keyboard set to Demonstration mode.

So. A New Year, and all that. My last words of 2009 were, rather sadly, “I think I can fill the hot water bottles before the bells”. We’re not big into New Year parties as a couple, ever since our first New Year when we spent the night freezing our butts off in the middle of Edinburgh after they cancelled the celebrations. I should really make a resolution, but honestly I can’t think of anything other than sort my shit out. It’s a blanket statement really, but reflects quite accurately all the stuff I need to do. Better get on that.

In other news, I get biopsied on the 6th. What fun! Hopefully it’ll be of some diagnostic value because if this doesn’t tell them what’s wrong, God only knows what will. Maybe I should watch some episodes of House, see if he comes up with anything renal on his travels.

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