Just for fun.

Over at a writing forum I frequent, they have started running a monthly writing competition, with the restrictions of theme and a 75 word limit (not including title) for all submissions.

I decided that the best way to do things for it would be to not take it too seriously, and treat the task as a warmup exercise.

Here’s my entry for this month’s theme of transformation.

Murdered every night but one

He hated the North, until he met her.
Wild, brash, beautiful; the flower that blossoms in winter.
A marriage of convenience called him home.
“It won’t always be like this,” he said. “Not when I am King.”

When he was King the North sensed weakness.
They raised a flag, and prepared for war.
He never saw her again.

He saw her daughter, though, laid under a blade.
He had sons to protect.

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