York, and another dislocated friend.

Random York bit

Having moved around a bit over the years, I’ve come to accept the truth of making friends – you can’t keep in touch with everyone, and no matter how good a friendship may seem, there will inevitably come a time when you move on from it.

So, today I went and met my workmate Aimee, who will be touring Europe on a bus in 3 weeks time before she heads back to New Zealand.  She’s nice, and funny, and hilariously easy to confuse at times, and was a lot of fun to work with.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

A blue door!

It’s a door! It’s blue!

Clifford's Tower, York Castle

Clifford’s Tower, at York Castle.
In 1190 AD, a group of some 150 Jews and Jewesses sought refuge here from the persecution of a mob. They eventually chose to kill themselves rather than succumb to their pursuers. Nowadays, tourists pay £3 to climb it and look out over the city while Canadian geese and daffodils crowd the lawn it slopes down to.

Aimee at Olivers


She refused to sit/stand still and let me take a nice picture of her, so as a result I only have this “action” shot of her eating her second plate of food of the afternoon.

York Minster

York Minster.

Or a very small section of it, at least. It’s a pretty impressive bit of architecture, in the gothic style. Now if only they could stop lighting it on fire…

The follow-on point of these pictures is that my digital camera is terrible. All these shots were at the maximum resolution and in their larger versions they’re all horribly grainy and the colours are off and, in general, they just plain suck. Lisa’s coolpix takes comparable-quality (actually better resolution) photos is far more compact and user-friendly. It really puts me off taking the unsightly lump anywhere to take photos when even the best of the bunch turn out this badly.

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