Newark Air Museum. Oh, and a short Sunday run.

So, we went down to Newark this weekend for the half marathon.

While we were in town, though, Alistair was quite keen on seeing the Air Museum.  And when I say excited, I’m not kidding.


At a little over six quid to get in, it was somewhat pricey, but nevertheless a very interesting wander round was had.

We saw a Mig 27, and Lisa was overcome with excitement too:




Words cannot describe how happy it made her. She simply couldn’t contain herself.


Suddenly, there was a change in the air! She could sense Swedishness somewhere in the hangar. But where could it be?


I couldn’t help but feel that Sephiroth would have made an awesome air engineer…


I also found some early Dalek prototypes. Sadly there were no couches handy to hide behind.


Alistair hadn’t seen a Sea Hawk in real life before. He was very happy.


I love these pamphlets. There was a time when nuclear apocalypse was almost considered inevitable. Now, we have milquetoast zombie ramblings.


Blue Steel. This is an air-to-surface, nuclear-capable missile! They used to carry them on Vulcan bombers.


In 1942, there was a WAR EMERGENCY. Without this booklet, all might have been lost.

So, that was the air museum. We mooched around for the rest of the day, then had an excellent dinner at the Willow Tree, a pub restaurant right next to our bed and breakfast. The food is great, prices are reasonable, but they only serve food between 7 and 9 – how they operate at a profit was beyond us but it didn’t stop us from piling in.

In the morning we had breakfast (muesli, tea, bacon and toast for Alistair; I had weetabix, Rice Krispies, two poached eggs on toast and some incredibly strong coffee in spite of the fact I’m not meant to drink coffee) and headed into Newark for the half marathon. I was feeling good, if a little full from all the food (I ordered fish and chips the previous evening and they brought me Moby Dick, battered and fried – I was amazed I managed to finish it), although I had never actually managed to run a full half-marathon distance in training.

The weather was meant to be slightly overcast with a little drizzle, highs of 20-21 degrees. When we got into town it was bright sunshine and the temperature was about 23 C, and it looked like it was going to be a hot one.


Alistair and I before the start. Our both being in blue for the race was just coincidence. Honest.


We were walking for the first couple of hundred metres after the gun. Spot the asshats dicking around in the middle of the press!


Alistair finishing. He came in at 1:47, saying that 1:45 would have “broken him”. It was very warm in some places.

The race itself was pretty good, all things considered. I managed the first 10 miles without any real issues, and there were plenty of water stops (although it was cups of water so I kept slowing to a walk to drink to avoid ending up throwing it over myself). After 10 miles, though, my legs just felt like lead and it was a struggle to maintain the pace I’d been setting myself (I had managed just under 9 mins/mile up to that point). I took a tactical walk at the last drinks station, which was around 11.5 miles, and then dragged myself down into Newark for the finish.


For once, I actually spot the camera on the way to the finish line. Sadly, my attempt to smile and look happy ends up making me look like even more of a spaz.


We are tired. And yes, Coke isn’t the ideal post-run drink but I’d drank a shedload of water and was feeling dizzy. Ah the joys of a low-potassium diet!

So, the run was a success, inasmuch as I managed to get round the damn thing in one piece and not injure myself. That said, it was really tiring at the end. I have no clue how I’m going to get round this marathon. More training, I guess.

Next up is the Great North Run, which will be a half marathon on September 19th. Two hours would be good in that, but it’s going to be busy; I’m not holding out much hope for a quick first half.

ADDENDUM: negative kudos to the random squaddie it was from Para 3 who saw fit to yell “NICE TIGHTS” at me as I ran past him. Twat. All the charitable positive thoughts I’d been thinking about the various military charities at the event evaporated at that moment. Win those hearts and minds!

2 thoughts on “Newark Air Museum. Oh, and a short Sunday run.”

  1. I’ve already congratulated you both ealier – but just wanted to draw your attention to your brother – he looks like he may have karked it on the bench … did you remember to bring him back with you?

    Dubai and Houston have really put a serious dent in my training – still no point moaning .. the next few weeks I’m going to take on a Forest-Eddie-Gump-Izzard mentality … run everywhere / eat ice-cream … somehow do finish – even if it’s on your knees !

  2. @monkeyleader
    Robot Alistair only needed five minutes of sunshine through his head panel (pictured glowing crimson with the energy transfer) to get back onto his feet.

    Been off training for a week myself with this stupid cough that will not shift.

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