…German retailer Galeria kaufhof pull all violent media from their shelves, responding to the fallout of Tim Kretschmer’s murderous rampage last week. (link from Reuters, via Kotaku)

I was going to expolde into vitriolic fury over this, but I can’t seem to find the motivation. Much like corrupt politician Keith Vaz, the retail chain is simply acting for the sake of appearing to leap into action, aiming the barrel of their misguided “oh won’t someone think of the children” morality at the first straw man they can find.

What does this change? Nothing. Will people suddenly rise up and shake off the fetters of a media conspiracy to keep us numb and drooling with the violent and gory media that Galeria Kaufhof has shunned?

Not likely.

Update: German retailer Saturn has apparently jumped onto the bandwagon, pledging to pull all 18+ material from its shelves. (source: Gamepolitics)

Meanwhile…Police in the UK arrest a student for writing a protest against infringement of civil liberty, in chalk, on the pavement. “Criminal damage under £5000”.

Ludicrous. It would be funny if it wasn’t so incredibly scary.

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