A look back at February’s writing.

At the start of the month I literally ran out of excuses not to write. No-one wanted to play Starcraft 2 or HoN, there weren’t any movies out that I desperately wanted to see, and we had pretty much caught up on all of our tv box sets over the winter. After SFX, Lisa laid down the law regarding my terrible, indeed near-absolute, lack of progress since NaNoWriMo.

“I’m going to fit you with a shock collar,” she said. “If you stop writing, I’m going to zap your ass.”

I tried to point out that wasn’t normally where you’d fit a shock collar, but she was adamant. And, once we’d had a quick chorus of “Stand and Deliver”, I fired up Scrivener and got to work.

How has it gone so far?

So, not bad really. 1100 words a day (on average) is definitely better than zero.

Is any of it any good, though? Hard to say. It’s first draft stuff and I’ve deliberately avoided going back to fix a few sentences that don’t quite adhere to the rules of grammar (I know what I meant, I’ll fix them later), which has given Lisa some laughs when she’s read them. Her new hobby is running round the house quoting my idiosyncratic errors in a very loud voice. You’ve never regretted sharing your work more than when your significant other yomps through the kitchen cheerfully yelling “THERE WAS CLANK!” for the neighbours to hear.

I’ve also not quite thought of a title yet. I have a title, but a quick Google confirms that it – and variants of it – are fairly common and therefore I need to think of something else. It’s okay, though, I still have about 75,000 words (and edits thereof) to think of one.

Anyway. Back to writing.

2 thoughts on “A look back at February’s writing.”

  1. Go, you! I might keep a slightly OCD infographic as well to keep me accountable when I throw myself into a new first draft. I’m just sort of dithering until then, bouncing between projects and editing some more.

    Titles are so hard.

  2. I have a pretty simple Excel set-up, with just date, daily word count (conditional formatting – 3 colour, red to green, 2000 word threshold), and cumulative word count (conditional formatting – progress bar, 0 to 100,000). It’s really fun just plugging in the numbers at the end of the day and seeing the amber/green starting to pile up. I purposefully exclude days I’ve missed to stop the blocks of red depressing me – they show up when you graph it and I think a positive focus is more useful/helpful.

    Not sure what I’m going to do for editing, though. A track changes pie chart featuring spelling errors, grammar, word loss, and word addition?

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