Sir, let me take this moment to compliment you on your fashion sense, particularly your slippers.

So, Halloween has come and gone and we are now on DAY THREE of NaNoWriMo. I’m on target (or will be once I’ve written today’s complement of words) and will be looking to steal a march on things next week so that I can have the weekend of my birthday off.

Things I have learned from NaNoWriMo:

Vomit drafts are harder than they appear. It takes a significant amount of effort for me to just leave it alone when I am writing. I have a horrible tendency to fiddle with sentences while I write them (which is why I prefer word processor over longhand) and more often than not the final version isn’t that far removed from what I originally had in mind.

I am terrible at being social. Maybe it’s just me on this, but the community aspect of NaNoWriMo still eludes me. I’ve tried to take part in the forums and chatrooms and even been to a couple of write-ins, but it feels like I’m walking around the edge of a closed loop. It’s very cliquey, and I have a deep suspicion of internet circle-jerks. Having someone ask, “who is this guy and why is he here?” when you say hello is usually a bad sign, but then maybe I’m just a bit touchy about these things.

In other news, Halloween Shorts seemed to go quite well. It’d be interesting to see how many reads we got in total. I thought that doing a reading of it would be a fun twist and something that might attract a few more readers/listeners, but I was hampered slightly by a cold and a crappy mic that meant the audio wasn’t the best quality. It’s tolerable, but not great.

I’ve been musing on ideas regarding publication. I’m still pursuing the traditional route, but I’ve been thinking about the indie/self route and what sort of things I could do in 2013. I’m close to my target aim of two novels completed for 2012 (despite deciding to re-write a large portion of Gunslinger Symphony) so I need something to aim for over the next twelve months. I’m thinking that maybe one novel and a set of smaller projects (novella or serial) would give me an opportunity to split up my goals into smaller milestones. I’ve got a fair old list of projects all sitting in my notebooks waiting to be picked, so it’s a case of taking the time in December to decide which ones to go for.

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  1. quote; I’m still pursuing the traditional route.

    You better had young man, you are streets ahead of most towards this goal.

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