You know what movie I’d like to watch right now? Sneakers.

Odd title I know, but really it just popped into my head. Sneakers was a pretty fun movie.

Anyway. My friend Vicky is celebrating her one year blogoversary over at Vicky Thinks. I’m usually all over the portmanteau action, but I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of “blogoversary”. Mostly it’s because I can’t type it first time (unlike the best portmanteau of all, slorphanage) and for a few minutes there it seemed as though she was celebrating the anniversary of bolognese.

So. as part of the blogoversary, Vicky had a “Find out more about me (but not too much because honestly this is the internet)” post, and at the end of it she was very kind to link here and put up a list of questions for me (among others) to answer. And what kind of person would I be if I didn’t answer them? A monster, that’s what I’d be.

A monster.

So, here goes:
What quality/talent do you admire most in a writer?

I admire the ridiculous levels of motivation and tenacity that other writers demonstrate. I find putting my bum in the seat very hard going sometimes, and I admire anyone who has put the hours into mastering that part of themselves.

If you could pick any character from a film, TV series, book, or game to give a piece of your mind to, who would it be?

Do I have to pick just one? There’s a particular format of tv show – usually sitcom but sometimes in drama, too –  that I just cannot watch because the entire premise hinges on a main character jumping to a ridiculous conclusion and I find myself switching the tv off in disgust. Ooh, you know what? Ross from Friends. That’s my choice. Ross. He is the epitome of television’s disdain for cleverness – a paleontologist who is by turns whining, self-aggrandising, awful, and just generally the butt of everything.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

I don’t eat many sandwiches, really, but I do like a nice classic cheese. Salt and vinegar crisps are good, too, as is corned beef and salt and vinegar crisps. Food of the Gods, my friends. Food of the Gods.

Mary Sues… just misunderstood or really annoying?

Annoying. Just…I can’t even crack the spine of the Belgariad without steam boiling out of my ears these days.

If you could live in any country besides your own, where would you live?

Sweden! It’s a nice place to be.

What’s the most meaningful thing that’s ever happened to you?

In about a month’s time I’ll be a dad, so I guess that’s going to be up there at the top of the list. Other than that, sitting down in a consultant’s office late 2008 to be told that I have advanced, chronic kidney disease and that there is nothing I can do about it was pretty damn big. It was the push I needed to get me writing things.

Present tense in fiction… like it or loathe it?

It’s…fine? Like any choice you make in writing, it can either turn out awesome or fall flat on its arse. I’m not a massive fan of second person, although again it depends on the author – If on a Winter’s Night A Traveller is brilliant, although I suspect unique in that if someone tried to do the same thing it wouldn’t be half as good.

An author is going to write the story of your life. Who would you like it to be?

Stephen King. I’d like to think he’d get bored ten pages in and write a much better version.

Think of your favourite book. Got one? Now, what would that book be if it were an animal?

A cuttlefish.

Flame powers or water powers?

Water powers. I’d be able to summon water and that would be an enormous boon to the human race. I would stand in a special box to summon it. I would call it my powers booth.

Recommend me a favourite song!

I have two for you! An instrumental piece from The Fullmetal Alchemist movie OST – Requiem by Michiru Oshima – and the acoustic version of Beast by Nico Vega (which – along with the full version – was used on one of the trailers for Bioshock infinite).

2 thoughts on “You know what movie I’d like to watch right now? Sneakers.”

  1. Haha, brilliant answers! 🙂 I totally agree with you about those characters who just jump to conclusions! There are also the ones who don’t tell people things – they drive me even more mad. The whole drama revolves around the fact that they keep ridiculous things secret for no reason at all. Water powers would definitely be cool, but you lose 10 points for that pun. *shakes head at you*

    Thanks for answering! 🙂

  2. Speaking as somebody who’s never met you in the flesh* I think you do a top job of being likeable in text form. Well done!

    *Hoping to rectify that. Going to 9 Worlds by any chance?

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