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Hi! I’m Andrew. I write stuff. I used to be really bad at it, but I think I’m getting better at it. Maybe. It’s probably not for me to decide. I write fantasy, mostly, but have been known to dabble in science fiction, a bit of crime, and (whisper it) literary. Basically whatever I can get out of my head and down onto the page in legible form.

I ‘m Scottish, but I’ve lived all over the UK as employment and sheer whimsy have moved me from Harlow to Dundee and pretty much everywhere in between. I will spare you the full list of jobs I’ve held down, but for the most part I’ve worked as a scientist and a teacher. Right now I live in Yorkshire with my girlfriend, daughter, three cats, and three chickens.

I read constantly – “to an excess” were the words once used to describe it, but I strongly believe there is no such thing as reading to an excess as long as you’re still sleeping and eating okay.  I also plays a lot of computer games (badly) , have been known to run (slowly), and enjoy baking things (because cake is delicious).

I also own a nice camera, and sometimes even remember to take photos with it.  Some of the results can be found here.

You can find me as @mygoditsraining on Twitter, which is where I spend most of my procrastination time babbling about movies and random stuff.

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