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The Ironwood Grove 

It is said that when a Dweller child is born, they are born touched by magic. A child that takes their first sip of milk from a raven’s skull is gifted with the speech of the birds; a child given the milk of the thistle is gifted with herb-wise and the power to heal. There are many gifts that can be granted. Some are known, most forgotten, or simply lie unknown, waiting to be discovered.

It is also said that there are other things than gifts in the world.
There are curses…

Iliana is running – has been running her whole life – but the faster she runs, the sooner she will have to face her fate. The silver boles of the Ironwood are calling her back, and the whole world can hear its song. When everyone wants you as their prize, who can you really trust?

The Ironwood Grove is a fantasy novel of magic, betrayal, and identity.


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