Chapter 3 draft online

Since Chapter 5 is well underway, I thought it appropriate to slam Chapter 3 up.  Planning to burn through the plot for 6 at the weekend so it will probably be Monday before another update.

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Bit of a change of pace; Tarianna mulls over her future as a piece of furniture, and we meet a new character who, in the first shitty draft style, can only blush and stutter until I can think of some way to liven it up.

I stumble onwards.

Scene switch.

So Chapter 4 was pretty much finished last night, after an epic struggle with 500 words of dialogue (and the surrounding description) that I had to pretty much delete and start over twice until I was even going to call it a “shitty first draft” effort.

Now, the question following on from that was – do I wrap up the chapter with a little bit of expositional description, or do I just leave it hanging?  The next chapter basically switches focus to entirely new characters, so I was a bit loathe to just leave the reader uninformed of what came next as it seemed very much like a cheap trick.  However, I had a couple of misfired starts at the finishing lines and, to be brutally honest, it smacked of an unnecessary infodump.

What I’ll do is leave the sharp cutoff in, and try to thread the information in with my new characters. I really don’t want to leave them hanging around forever in the background, and almost 10k words is enough time spent in the company of the House of Balthar without feeling the desperate need to start scrubbing myself with a stiff-bristled brush.  Creepy bunch, that lot.

In any case, when i go back and edit the whole lot, I can make a decision on how things worked out in the end.

Expect Chapter 3 sometime later this week.


Despite using my nasal spray and all the rest, my sinuses feel swollen and full. As a result, I’ve been awake since 3 am. I lay in bed for an hour staring into the dark before I decided to just get up and do some typing.

My brother and I had discussed some plot ideas for stories in the past, and he very kindly sent me some background materials that he had dug up online to flesh them out, so I had a read at those and then hammered out some thoughts on one of the stories.

I think it’s the most promising of the three (that’s a lie – I think one of the others is even more promising as a tale, but requires a lot of research because not only it would be set in an alternate-history Earth but also it is capable of holding far more layers than a much simpler tale).

Anyway, I’m going to take a painkiller and go back to bed, see if I can’t get myself a couple of hours worth of sleep.

I’m torn…

Do I hunker down and work on my chanbara-inspired story, my horrid-but-thoroughly-plotted fantasy epic, or throw my hands in the air, cry “fuck it all!” and go watch Highlander on the new tv?

If I focus on one story, I could have 3-4k to post here as a work-in-progress by the end of the week, but then Highlander has got such awesome dialogue in it!

“Hi! I’m Candy!”

“But of course you are…”

How can I resist it?  HOW, GOD DAMN IT?!

Update: the urge to write won through in the end, and I concluded Chapter 1 of the fantasy story, in which young Vicarion takes a knife to his sister, driven by his o’erweening ambition.