So, for Lisa’s birthday I bought her a Sony Reader eBook, since besides her normal habit of having at least three books on the go throughout the flat, she also reads a lot of stuff on the PC, and ends up getting tired most likely from sitting focussing on the screen for so long.

It’s a tempting thought to have one, myself, but I’m holding off for a couple of reasons. Firstly, and this is one gripe that Lisa shares with me, is that the download editions of books are currently not any cheaper than their cousins in print.

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I’m torn…

Do I hunker down and work on my chanbara-inspired story, my horrid-but-thoroughly-plotted fantasy epic, or throw my hands in the air, cry “fuck it all!” and go watch Highlander on the new tv?

If I focus on one story, I could have 3-4k to post here as a work-in-progress by the end of the week, but then Highlander has got such awesome dialogue in it!

“Hi! I’m Candy!”

“But of course you are…”

How can I resist it?  HOW, GOD DAMN IT?!

Update: the urge to write won through in the end, and I concluded Chapter 1 of the fantasy story, in which young Vicarion takes a knife to his sister, driven by his o’erweening ambition.