Shaving; how not to lacerate your face.

It’s all in the choice of gel, and the choice of razor.

For some reason, back somewhere in my early twenties, I went from being able to shave in two minutes with disposable blades to taking ten minutes and requiring a fairly sharp razor to do it with.  Maybe there was a threshold toughening point in the bristles that I wasn’t fully aware of occurring, but when I look back on how I used to shave, I wince.

Additionally, I can’t shave on consecutive days now.  If I do, I end up cutting myself horribly.  While I’m not working (and, lets be honest, sometimes when I was working) I let myself foster a good few days growth before I shave, just to let my skin recover a bit.  It saves on hot water, and I seem to get fewer issues with ingrowing bristles because of it.

I can’t bring myself to stay beardy.  It’s just too itchy, and Lisa hates it.

Anyway, I ran out of shaving gel while on holiday, so I had to buy new stuff.  The supermarket was out of my normal choice, but there were other King of Shaves brands available.  Normally would have just waited, or gone to another shop, but I’m willing to investigate the rest of the KoS line.  I’m not massively into brand loyalty, but through investigation of various different types, it really is one of the few instances where one brand stands head and shoulders above the rest of its competition.  I even tried Clinique shaving foam for comparison.  It was terrible.

So the brand I bought this time was called “Azor”.  see, they’ve taken the word “razor” and removed the “r” to make it seem space-age and cool!  How awesome is that?  This, everyone, is what happens when you name things by committee.  Shit like that starts to seem plausible.

Irregardless of stupid naming conventions, the gel is actually really good, although the company seem to be heading the way of Pantene Pro-V.  With each further generation of their product, they slowly move towards something that has the colour and consistency of male ejaculate.

For the first time in about seven years, I shaved in under two minutes.