The Copper Promise

Of course, I would write my first ‘blog post for ages and forget to actually include worthwhile content.

Well, friends, fear not because I will make it up now by delivering up a recommendation of incredible value to you.

You may or may not remember Jennifer Williams (@sennydreadful) who hosted the Halloween Shorts on her ‘blog a few months ago.  Rings a bell, no? No?

Well, if you need a reminder, go read her very literal take on Faulkner’s advice to “Kill your darlings”, Wendigo.  It’s free and won’t take five minutes.  Off you go.

Just before Christmas, Jennifer released the first part of her Fantasy serial, The Copper Promise.  It’s available for Kindle download through Amazon and costs less than a pint for damn near two hour’s worth of reading pleasure.  It’s a well-tooled chunk of dungeon-crawl adventure fiction, with fun characters and fights and tentacles and torture and other whatnot.  Buy it and give it a shot, if that sounds like your sort of thing.

Ebooks, and my first ever guest writer!

So my brother and I were having a chat on the phone about books, and publishing, and the possible outcomes of the Wylie agency announcement.  We got onto the subject of ebooks, and ebook pricing trends, and the idea of a compromise price point where the publishing houses are happy to sell at X pounds and Y pence, and the public are happy to pay it.

Now, Alistair and I are similar in quite a few ways, but in others we’re very different.  So I thought it would be interesting to ask him to write up a quick blog post on why, despite being conceptually the ideal consumer for the medium, he hasn’t leapt onto the ebook wagon just yet.

Alistair’s take. Continue reading “Ebooks, and my first ever guest writer!”