Halloween Shorts: Team Mushens at WFC edition



So! As promised, the Halloween Shorts are almost here. This year, Halloween coincides with the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, and I thought it would be really fun to tie the two together.

It just so happens that my agent, Juliet Mushens, will be there along with ten (TEN!) of her clients. She will be appearing on the Not-So-Secret Agents panel on Saturday at 11 am in Hall 04, and otherwise will be generally there at the convention. Since there are so many Team Mushens authors there, I asked the others if they would like to write or offer up a Halloween Short and post it on their ‘blog over the next 4-5 days leading up to the start of WFC. Everyone has been quite busy, but nevertheless there was a great response! Starting Saturday, spooky tales will begin to coalesce out of the ether for your entertainment. We’ll be flagging them up on Twitter and other social media, but I’ll do a round up of links at the end just in case you miss them.

In the meantime, though, here are all the Team Mushens authors who will be attending WFC!

Lou Morgan – author of Blood and Feathers and Blood and Feathers: Rebellion (Solaris)

Amy McCulloch – author of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow (Doubleday Children’s) and upcoming sequel, The Shadow’s Curse

Den Patrick – author of The War Manuals (Gollancz) and The Erebus Sequence (also Gollancz), beginning with The Boy with the Porcelain Blade

Liz de Jager – author of The Blackhart Legacy (Tor), beginning with Banished

Laura Lam – author of Pantomime (Angry Robot) and upcoming sequel, Shadowplay

Jennifer Williams – author of The Copper Promise (Headline), first in an as-yet unnamed Fantasy trilogy

James Oswald – author of The Inspector McLean mysteries: Natural Causes, The Book of Souls, and upcoming The Hangman’s Song (Penguin) and upcoming fantasy series The Ballad of Sir Benfro (Penguin)

Richard Kellum – newly-signed author of Fantasy and Horror.

Stephen Aryan – newly-signed Fantasy author and encyclopedia of all things comic-related.



Halloween Shorts 2: Revenge of the Burble-Crump!

So! Halloween is here at last, and with it the second instalment of Halloween Shorts, as hosted by sennydreadful over at her ‘blog. If you read one story this Halloween, it’ll probably be the one Neil Gaiman put online. That’s fine – he is pretty famous, and from what I hear he knows his way around a story.

If you have room for more, though, you can find my story, In the Wolf’s Glen, here. As an apology to all war buffs out there, I have played it somewhat fast and loose with the details of the winter war (the capitulation, for example, took place in Moscow) and with the naming conventions of Finland. Sorry, Finland. I also recorded an audio version of the story and it is available on Soundcloud.

You can also read Jennifer’s story here, a rather chipper jaunt around the sights and un-seens that wander abroad on Halloween. I’m quite fond of the Seven Sisters, myself – they reinforce my belief that forests are not friendly places.

And if that isn’t quite enough to sate you, Dark Fiction Magazine Issue 13 is out, with their first story – Swamp Tale by Joshua Malbin – released today.

SFX Weekender 3 write-up: Mega-edition

I begin with a caveat. Should I forget at some point to mention someone who I met, or indeed had a long conversation with and have temporarily forgotten, I apologise. I did toy with the brief notion of agonising over a list before I started writing this but decided against it. Let the chips fall where they may and if I do miss someone they are welcome to snub me at a future event by way of reparation.

So. The SFX Weekender was held in Prestatyn, in North Wales. I was labouring under the false misapprehension that I had never been to Wales before, which got me all excited until I remembered that Llanberis isn’t an especially English name and I’ve been there climbing and walking quite a few times in my misspent youth.

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